Latest news:
· 4th September 2018:
Redesigned Computer Programming fanlisting, got inspired by Darcula theme ^^ Take a look, I'm sure you'll like it!
· 27th August 2018:
Redesigned owned fanlistings section, there are more meaningful blocks with info. Also finally opened joined fanlistings section, I forgot how tiring it was to enroll to a bunch of fanlistings, so I will take it really slow...
· 7th August 2018:
Redesigned Sims 3 Series fanlisting, now it looks more like Sims 3 fanlisting ^^ Also added some new interesting feature, take a look at members page. Also changed a header for Spider-man and Black Cat fanlisting, now there is a random header script.
· 6th August 2018:
Added gravatar functionality to all of fanlistings members pages.
· 22nd July 2018:
Added new codes for fanlistings Baker, Hannah and Clay Jensen, Computer Programming, Emma Roberts, and Ezra Fitz and Aria Montgomery, check them out!

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